Naked Creative Consultancy

Cannabis Packaging: Naked Creative

Recognizing the creative potential and need for branding of the emerging market of Cannabis, we took our own shot at innovative packaging. We created these brand names and designed appropriate packaging to appeal to a variety of new cannabis consumers: soccer moms, adults 50+, millennials and Gen Y.

  Target Demographic:  The New Seniors  •   Brand Name:  2737

Target Demographic: The New Seniors  •  Brand Name: 2737

  Target Demographic:  The Modern Parents  •   Brand Name:  Joy + Jewel

Target Demographic: The Modern Parents  •  Brand Name: Joy + Jewel

  Target Demographic:  Cannabis Aficionados  •   Brand Name:  Bhang

Target Demographic: Cannabis Aficionados  •  Brand Name: Bhang

  Target Demographic:  Young Professionals  •   Brand Name:  Stratus

Target Demographic: Young Professionals  •  Brand Name: Stratus